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Grimaldi Cinématique

Grimaldi Cinématique was formed in 2012, It was originally just a one off project. I had an interest in writing and performing an album of somewhat avant garde waltzes rooted primarily in Jazz manouche (Gypsy Jazz)

We had a successful album launch and positive reviews from artists and fans alike within the Gypsy Jazz community, so it seemed appropriate to take the project further.


After time away working with our various different bands and projects we sporadically managed to reform with some new material as well as different members. As a Quartet and Quintet we played festivals and concerts throughout the U.K and France, highlights being a U.K tour with Sebastien Giniaux and an appearance at the annual Django Reinhardt Festival in Samois sur seinne France.

All that aside, as I say, Grimaldi is a sporadic project and truly a collective with core members rather than a band, hence what seems to be a lot of people for  such a small amount of output. We have recorded more extensively yet with the luxury of time and hindsight I've decided to omit various compositions and only use what I believe represents the essence of Grimaldi up until now. Were looking forward to a fresh new year with some fresh new tunes... 

We Hope you dig it!

Grimaldi Cinématique

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