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Grimaldi Cinematique


Dear friends,


We are proud to present you with Steve's vision, complete as a vinyl only double LP. This album was ready to come out in June and is exactly as Steve signed it off.

All proceedings from sales of this limited edition double LP will go to the Steve Aston Foundation.

This double LP was the culmination of six years of Steve's explorartion into his music and was considered by him to be the ultimate expression of his anthology, on which he started working in 2012 in Brighton and was recorded first in 2013 at Tenbury Wells, once again in Brighton in 2018 and finalized and signed off in Parisot, France, on March 2019.


It features Steve's carefully selected crew: Matt Holborn on violin, Andy Morris and Elis Davis on rhythm guitars, George Berrils and Marcus Hamblett on double bass, Nigel Broderick on accordion and special guest appearance by Louise Thiolon on vocals. Artwork by Steve's close friend Véronique Besnard and musical production by Bar Zalel, who followed the project from the 2013 recordings all the way to the vinyls quality control.


Steve wanted to print only 250 copies, so this edition, the only one planned, is limited to 250 copies.


Consider this is your one and only chance to get into the head of once-in-a-lifetime composer, musician and human being, Steve Aston

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